Find more Arabic words at! It is used as a vegetable.It is popular in Middle East, East African and North African countries and is called “Saluyot” in the Philippines. Check out our crabs in the ocean selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Pair with chopped fresh herbs and lemon juice. Egypt - Egypt - Languages: The official language of Egypt is Arabic, and most Egyptians speak one of several vernacular dialects of that language. Translation for 'lobster' in the free English-Arabic dictionary and many other Arabic translations. Khairy Beshara (Arabic: خيري بشارة ‎ pronounced [ˈxæjɾi beˈʃɑːɾɑ]; born June 30, 1947 in Tanta, Egypt) is an Egyptian film director active in the Egyptian film industry since the 1970s. How to say crab in Arabic: Kaborya. Preserved crab perfect for a salad, sandwhich wrap or spread. When uprisings took place throughout the Middle East and North Africa in 2011, it seemed like Egypt would be the big success story. Transliteration included. He is considered one of the Egyptian directors who re-defined Realism in Egyptian cinema in the 1980s. Animals vocabulary list, for standard and Egyptian Arabic. (uncountable) The meat of this crustacean, served as food; crabmeat 1959, Georgette Heyer, chapter 1, in The Unknown Ajax: But Richmond […] appeared to lose himself in his own reflections. As is the case in other Arab countries, the spoken vernacular differs greatly from the literary language. Learning Arabic for travel or study? Arabic words for lobster include سرطان البحر, كركند, الكرنكد جراد البحر and سلطعون. Let’s try this term: To say crab in Arabic: Kaborya Say it out loud: “ka bor ya“ You can learn how to say crab and over 220 other travel-friendly words and phrases with our inexpensive, easy-to-use Arabic language cheat sheets. Mulukhiyah, molokheyya ,molokhia or mulukhiyyah (Arabic: ملوخية ‎ mulūkhiyyah) Greek : molokha is the leaves of Corchorus olitorius, commonly known in English as jute, nalta jute, tossa jute , jute mallow or Jew's mallow.

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