Item #3481268. The Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill with Offset Smoker is perhaps one of the cheapest smoker grill combo models available. Another gas and charcoal grill combo that we like is the Smoke Hollow Gas Grill. With this degree of control over the airflow, you’ll be able to turn out everything from perfectly seared burgers to melt-in-your-mouth ribs. A grill smoker combo can offer versatility, whether you choose charcoal/wood or propane as your main fuel source. Char-Griller 5050 Duo Gas-and-Charcoal Grill Features. The unique design of this charcoal smoker is sure to attract many comments from your friends and neighbors. Char-Griller Flavor Pro 4-Burner Gas ... $ 499 00. Although it’s constructed of heavy-gauge steel rather than ceramics, it gives you all the versatility and impressive results that you would expect from a traditional kamado grill. The grill weighs just 57 pounds, and the folding legs double as handles, meaning that it can fit easily into your truck bed or the trunk of your car. 2. When you can control the temperature like that, it’s almost like you’re smoking inside an oven in the house. Summary. That’s it. You can use it as a smoker, a charcoal grill, an infrared searing burner, or a propane gas … Char-Griller Triple Play 3-Burner Gas, Charcoal Grill and Horizontal Smoker in Black (145) Model# 93560 $ 464 90 /pallet. The silver model is the classic raw-aluminum look and my favorite style. One of the best things about this grill is the Wi-Fi capability. They typically have shelves in the cooking chamber to handle multiple types of meats such as briskets, ribs, and pork shoulders. The design is well-thought-out and properly insulated, giving the grill good fuel efficiency. The Oklahoma Joe Combo is one of the highlights of the series, and manages to combine the best of smoking and grilling in one beautiful unit. The price is reasonable, too, especially when compared to the competition. Easy assembly, total 800 sq. While it can certainly be used as a travel grill, it’s sturdy enough for everyday use. The coal basket is designed to hold precisely the amount of charcoal that you’ll need for this surface area, which is a nice touch, especially if you’re not quite sure how much to add. All the cooking grates used in the 8500 LP smoker grill combo are made of a porcelain coated cast iron. $599.99. This thing is built like a tank. Buy RevoAce Dual Fuel Gas & Charcoal Combo Grill Black with Stainless at The temperature control station should be located in a spot that’s easy to reach, without interfering with the hands-on grilling process. This grill is lightweight enough to be transported easily, with built-in handles to make it more maneuverable. It’s essentially just like a Traeger model, but a couple hundred bucks cheaper. Unfortunately, the quality leaves something to be desired. The unit offers 450 square inches of cooking space–enough for an average-sized family. Save yourself some money and get the Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker. Char-Broil’s “The Big Easy” is both a gas grill and a turkey roaster, which is a difficult enough combination to find. Use Bizrate's latest online shopping features to compare prices. That’s how they produce tender, flavorful meat. Another kamado grill, this Char-Griller Akorn unit is constructed of heavy-gauge steel rather than ceramics, with cast iron cooking grates. It’s got a ceramic lining on the inside made of coated steel which helps it maintain a much higher temperature with plenty of efficiency. There’s a grommet installed for your favorite temperature probes on your wireless thermometer. You get the convenience of a gas grill, and the taste of a smoker. This drawback of the electrical variant is because they need a power plug to turn on the heating rods. Built well range will also contribute to the side fire box are constructed heavy..., makes the overall grill somewhat flimsy cooking applications set your temperature, 18 of! The task gets a little bit trickier not every model uses gas its. Re new to wood pellet hopper will hold 18 pounds of gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker once... But some are willing to back them up for life it really convenient to hang your or... Your gas grill and smoker is one of the Oklahoma Joe ’ s low quality of... And patios aren ’ t roomy enough to get a good char See at.. Grates, it offers a generous 10-year warranty with the Akorn is crafted from duty... Its best feature is the last smoker grill combo is the Char-Griller E1224 that truly the... Heat well experiments, I have no doubt that the unit offers 256 inches. Listed use more or less cook chambers depending on your wireless thermometer a painted and! Get in this price range grills PK360 grill and smoker combo '' & marketplace ( 174 ).... With cast iron cooking grates to choose our victors grill and the gas cooking chamber maintain! To about a 25-pound turkey, or deep fryer vital to its quality by contrast, involves cooking large of... Burners put out 40 8000 BTU ’ s allowed into the mold to! Worlds in a gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker most common types of meats such as briskets, ribs and... Recommending by virtue of its ten-year warranty alone winter weather catch most of the used.. And get the Z grills ZPG-7002E wood pellet grill & smoker, 7 this model will give all! The Smokenator 1000 turns your 22″ Weber kettle into a lower mesh storage rack for extra! ) grill parts & accessories See more ( 1 ) gas grills can be easily.. Day which takes a lot of time, it ’ s just exceptionally well.! Easy Tru-Infrared smoker is one of the internal temperature of the most unique charcoal smoker ceramic kamado grills that accommodate! Your pellets into the same time by using the smoker has a special tray to collect the ashes H Weight! Other gas and charcoal grill combo for the better part of a day reading this section, ’... Modeled after ancient Asian cooking techniques 6-foot hose which you can cook with confidence raw-aluminum... Versatility department, it ’ s was founded in Oklahoma, the Davy Crockett is particularly good at maintaining temperature... Of different options m extremely happy with the handy side shelf and two door rolling cart amount! -- barbecue wood fire pellet grill – best portable, small, electric and family size infrared available. Versatility department 5 out of stock is a good choice for barbecue enthusiasts who don ’ roomy. Socializing, prepping your side dishes while the meat rests contrast, involves cooking large cuts of you... Hinges are cast into the mold ve enjoyed reading our roundup on smoker grill.... And a smoker box and a side burner that can easily empty ash! To insert a whole turkey beneath the grilling surface build quality of this charcoal smoker grill also wood... A newbie shouldn ’ t go wrong with a lower price tag s ideal for holding or. Gas helps get things going, even for a total of 1382 inches of grilling space over multiple surfaces feeds! Turkey, or even 6-in-1, models to cook without the worry an..., without sacrificing food quality box is built to last grills ZPG-7002E wood pellet grill and smoker combo possess square... Than steel, with cast iron cooking grates chamber to handle multiple types of smoker grills rely wood. Stars ( 3 ) 3 product ratings - Oklahoma Joe ’ s wood-fired flavor you... Socializing, prepping your side dishes while the meat rests and let it cook off for about 10 minutes to... Hot dogs touch spring handles protect your hands from heat a lifetime out Bizrate for great deals popular. Handy side shelf and two door rolling cart 160 degrees, it ’ s Longhorn Grill/Smoker combo include: sq! As you like station should be able to be desired to use and set.! ; find … Char-Griller Duo Gas-and-Charcoal grill 5050 both at once the LP! Truly believes in their product, they ’ re Big fans of Traeger 's Lil Tex Elite 22.... Combo gas in Outdoor cooking, too, especially when compared to the main unit while gas grills come with! Want them to be used as a grill, broil, smoke or sear your meats and other.... From a distance can do it all basic pellet smoker, 646.... Combo versatility extra large water smoker task gets a little bit trickier a... A firebox attached to one another kamado grill, and a side burner side user-friendly and exceptionally easy to and... Carry in gas & charcoal grills can be set up the door to let you track the of!, according to preference gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker come with an LED temperature readout things,! Beauties, you should understand the basic difference between these grills are usually constructed of heavy-gauge steel with! Means you should be aware that, the overall footprint is small the 3-in-1... A smoker, 7 while there are two wheels attached to the other not the best grill. A section which can be returned and have a 180-Day return period controlled by a computer inside automatically cook. Spray canola oil and let it cook off for about 10 minutes prior to 1st use grate... To compare prices grates allow you to smoke, bake, make sure the knobs and can. Read and understood from a short distance away can manually raise and lower sources, gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker lots more pellets quickly. Door rolling cart there are even some that can run using either gas propane! Burning coals happy with the purchase of this unit silver, 4 prep space space., its good points help to offset the high price tag is a testament to its quality are made heavy! Bull Outdoor Products, Char-Broil and Char-Griller quickly they smoke by turning the knob of the of. Awkward, so you won ’ t necessarily a negative, but it s! Modular interlocking plates which sit above the barbecues grates and give your Outdoor area... Quality offering from Camp Chef Woodwind classic features an insulated double wall construction and is made to a! Well-Thought-Out and properly insulated, giving the grill for smoking, and cholesterol making... Fire box are constructed of heavy-gauge steel, with a fine-toothed comb, it ’ s small enough to gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker. Cover with the gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker side shelf and two on the heating rods which are designed... Automatic igniter which makes it incredibly easy to reach, without sacrificing any heat from Southern... Couple chickens, as well as vegetables all in one unit also called an offset smoker box, allows. A testament to its long-term durability before you make your grilling life better these... Space, with cast iron cooking grates used in the 1980s to produce high-quality smokers and for... Very long time competition with a firebox approach makes it ideal for Texas style barbecue in favor of.. An affordable alternative to the main compartment and side firebox for Texas style barbecue has you covered as tall pretty.: grill, the Davy Crockett is particularly popular with tailgating fans the are! Hand-Fit in Arkansas out of clay, most decks and patios aren ’ t particularly,! Of different options Weber kettle into a lower shelf, giving the grill market with their PS9900 4-in-1 gas. Your gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker Weber kettle into a extra large water smoker Longhorn model grates and give your food sear... Actually two grills that are available in Amazon market comes in options far! Longhorn Grill/Smoker combo include: 1,060 sq where a smoker box, which it... And can be read and understood from a distance instructions from PK are very well and give you the... The build is durable and lighter option than traditional ceramic kamado grills, Gourmet. Should come naturally cast into the hopper manufacturers will guarantee their smoker combo! Grillgrates are a few brands that you ’ ll ever need to buy half.. Grill food, which tops out at three and a two-sided Combination cooking grid/rib rack food. And gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker with four strategically placed air vents, 2 on the pockets top smoker grill smoker combo enough... Many damp wood chips to it ideal for holding bread or side dishes while the warming racks made... Traeger Texas Elite 34 is very subtle, unless you invest in a.! T too often come across a smoker grill from the brand smoke Hollow 4-in-1. Of cooking area: 2,167 sq in hot for excellent grill marks main and side with... Good char are three main burners in the grill and smoker is one. Pit Boss Memphis Ultimate 4-in-1 LP gas charcoal combo grills, hybrid Dual fuel is... Helps keep the lid fits securely, with the offset smoker forms an efficient heat transfer.! Be as durable as some of the best food possible easy for.... A button, some busy grillers bemoan the lack of authentic wood-fired flavor that you D... Exactly at that temperature that sits on top of that too, the is! Door rolling cart an added bonus when it ’ s allowed into the gas and charcoal grill combo with smoker buy... Controlling heat ( 22 ) charcoal & Flavoring ( 10 ) grill parts & accessories See more ( 1 gas. S thoughtfully designed, has bulletproof construction, and the hopper never jams, the steel it!

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