Those tags can contain an unspecified set of other tags. This HTML tutorial explains how to use the HTML element called the section tag with syntax and examples. Syntax:

Section Contents
Section tag is used to distribute the content i.e, it distribute the sections and subsections. Creating Website Layouts. : HTML span element is … Divs with position: relative; 2 A div is a block element (see a list of others in the link). The article tag identifies a thing that can be independent from other things in a page. Content categories: This is one of the eternal mysteries of web development, up there with “why is it white-space: nowrap, not white-space: no-wrap?” and “why is CSS ‘gray’ a darker color than ‘darkgray’?”. The
element is not a generic container element. This is a common pattern for making responsive tables. Section tag grouped the generic block of related contents. As nouns the difference between section and division Division is a synonym of section. In the following example, we see an article (part of a larger web page) about apples, containing two short sections. HTML Layout. Try Examples. There’s no sense writing markup when you don’t have to, right? Tabular data is tricky to display on mobiles since the page will either be zoomed in to read text, meaning tables go off the side of the page and the user has to scroll backwards and forwards to read the table, or the page will be zoomed out, usually meaning that the table is too small to be able to read. output. Note: The … HTML
Element. Breadcrumbs are another piece of content that should be wrapped in a