She is shown as a practical and mysterious figure, acting solely on commands and refusing all social contact. Add new page. "[186] Despite criticizing the third film, a number of reviewers praised Shinji's interactions with Kaworu. Shinji was first drawn with slightly different features, which were changed by the main staff. [123][124] Although his relationship with Misato Katsuragi follows Schopenhauer's concept, Cannarsi noted that in the fourth episode ("Hedgehog's Dilemma") the characters get closer without hurting each other. is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise created by Hideaki Anno. Soon thereafter, Ritsuko has Shinji return Rei's ID card to her; Shinji accidentally walks in on Rei as she is getting dressed, and clumsily knocks her to the floor, touching her naked body. In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku, Shinji is again portrayed similarly to his anime counterpart. Third Child: Shinji Ikari Name: Shinji Ikari Age: 14 Nationality: Japanese The first thing most people think when they see Shinji Ikari is pretty much "What a wimp!" When Kaworu and Rei as Adam and Lilith state they represent the hope for understanding and love, Shinji replies it is just a pretense, but if he returns to the real world, at least there he will know his feelings are real. [77] In Evangelion: Detective Shinji Ikari, Kaji and Kaworu are portrayed as private investigators whom Shinji asks for help and investigates a mysterious case. "Angel Attack"[NGE]Volume 1[Manga]Evangelion 1.0[RB] [128][129], Critics noted that, since he lost his mother traumatically, Shinji seeks a substitute in the women around him[130][131] and in Eva-01 (since it contains her soul). The character has had a mixed response from anime and manga publications. When Angel Zeruel consumes Rei, Shinji returns and defeats the Angel; his decisions, however, trigger a catastrophic event named Third Impact. [62] At the end, he is seen leading a normal life in a reformed world; he sees Asuka while waiting for a train, although they only have a faint recollection of one another. [160] In 2014, foreigners living in Japan were asked: "Which character do you aspire to look like?". He is a high school student and the pilot of a robot known as Evangelion that is tasked with protecting the world from aliens known as Angels. During lunch with his friends at a marine preservation institute, Shinji mentions that he learned to cook meals because Misato didn't know how to. Spike SpencerCasey Mongillo (Neflix dub)EngFábio LucindoBrzDonald ReignouxFraHannes MaurerGerDaniele RaffaeliItaVictor UgarteLat. Shinji Ikari(碇 シンジ,Ikari Shinji?) He is a high school student and the pilot of a robot known as Evangelion that is tasked with protecting the world from aliens known as Angels. "It was my intention to create a wistful character who had given up on life", he said. [140][141] Oguro described berserk Unit 01 as a "bad breast"; on the other part, he interpreted Yui as a "good breast" that eventually saves Shinji during the battles with the Angels. He is voiced by Megumi Ogata. Blood Type: A Soul in his Eva Unit-01: His mother, Yui About Shinji: (This is in the no spoilers section of my page) Shinji is the 3rd Child. [98] After his arrival on Tokyo-3, he repeats "I mustn't run away" in an attempt to face his responsibilities. He liked to say “だからさー”, though I said “it make me sick”, but secretly I thought it was very cool. After the Angel attack, Shinji lives with Misato Katsuragi, a Nerv officer and now his guardian, and attends school in Tokyo-3;[31][32] he meets Toji Suzuhara and Kensuke Aida, his first true friends. As he touches it, however, it fuses with his hands, and forces him to see hundreds of Rei faces telling him, "it hurts." Gendo instead tries to trap Shinji within the tree after Rei rebels, prompting Kaworu to sacrifice himself in order to save him. [159] In March 2010, Newtype cited him the "most popular male character of the nineties". Their occasional public bickering often comically leads to annoyance on the part of the NERV staff—particularly Fuyutsuki, who feels that they are constantly embarrassing the organization, and Misato, who has to live with them. Rei has a much stronger bond to Shinji in the manga and their relationship has far more development, as Rei is greatly impacted by touching Shinji's hands and as Armisael attacks her, she realizes she has feelings for him she cannot understand. In this world, he was never an Evangelion pilot, had a few friends who cheered him on, and meets Asuka and Kensuke for the first time on his way to a boarding school in Tokyo (in mid-winter, a season Japan hadn't had since Second Impact). [177] IGN editor Chris Mackenzie ranked him the 25th-best anime character of all time. He is sometimes confused by Toji and Kensuke's more typical teenage male behavior and by Kensuke's burning desire to be an Evangelion pilot. During the battle, Shinji's first shot fails to destroy Ramiel. Shinji shows a great fear of emotional pain and of being hated or left behind, likely due to his perception of being abandoned in his youth and, subsequently, blaming himself for not being good enough to make his father stick around. He becomes despondent after Kaworu tells him that humanity holds him responsible for initiating the Third Impact. They place a DSS Choker on him: an explosive device on his neck which will be activated if he comes close to starting another Impact. After the failure of the Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise sequel Aoki Uru, Gainax began planning a new series. Shinji is placed into Unit-01 and pursues Kaworu, who manipulates Unit-02 to slow down Shinji. Seeing this, Gendo cuts the synchronization between Shinji and Unit-01, giving control of the Eva to the Dummy Plug that proceeds to slaughter the Angel. A year later he was abandoned by his father and sent to live with his teacher. He has an open crush on Rin Tohsaka, but she does not return his interest, much to his frustration. On the last recording day for the film Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance (2009), Ogata was constantly forced to scream; she collapsed on the studio floor, and Anno sat on the floor with her. Due to Shinji's high nostalgia and fragile emotional state, he chooses to shut out the world, as evidenced by the headphones he wears rather often, plugged into an SDAT music player. Shinji is generally more confident in games like Battle Orchestra. He usually plays tracks 25 ("You Are the Only One") and 26 ("Blue Legend"), though in episodes 02 and 23, the songs are varied to different background music and vocals. "I cross the void beyond the mind The empty space that circles time. In volume 10 of the manga Shinji is repulsed when Kaworu does CPR on him while he is hyperventilating, and insistently questions Shinji on human feelings, which he rebuffs and then angrily storms off. Shinji admits to Misato that he was indeed drawn to him and his mysterious nature, because he thought he did need new friends after killing Tōji, but asks Misato why people are drawn to others, and Misato tells him it is because man was made incomplete and needs to seek out others in order not to feel alone. He is shown to the extreme of this, forsaking many lives (even his own) to save one person. Megumi Ogata finished second in the voice-actor rankings for three years. [69] Some spin-offs and video games pair Shinji romantically with Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, Kaworu[70][71] and other characters, including his classmate Hikari Horaki[72] and original characters such as Mana Kirishima, an extrovert transfer student firstly introduced in the Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel videogame,[73][74] and Mayumi Yamagishi, an introvert girl presented in the Neon Genesis Evangelion: 2nd Impression videogame. When they are sent to fight the Angel Leliel, Shinji, receiving praise from Gendo and improving his synchronization scores, is now accepting his role as an Evangelion pilot. However, Misato shows that she has deep respect and regard for Shinji, breaking to tears after she thought he was lost to the Angel Leliel.[6]. Blood Type. Gemini. At the end of the story (with Gendo having been killed), Shinji is shown attending another school alongside Rei and Asuka, with the three children now adjusting to normal lives. Cell Phone Color . [162] In 2016, he finished thirteenth in an Anime News Network poll of the "strongest pilots" in Japanese animation. He only returns after encountering Mari and seeing the Tenth Angel devour Unit-00. When Misato shows Shinji Lilith, Shinji lets Misato hold his hand. He first pilots the Evangelion Unit-01 Type-F and, after the attack of Eva0.0 (Quatre) and the unification of his soul with Eva-01, pilots the mecha Super Evangelion and its upgrades. Director Hideaki Anno conceived Shinji as a representation of himself, reflecting his four-year depression after the airing of his previous Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Shinji appears in episode 31 of kids train mecha TV anime Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION. [179] In 2013, Anime News Network editor Lynzee Lam ranked him in first place of seven "crybaby heroes" in Japanese animation for his motivation and psychological realism. Overwhelmed, Shinji begins to cry. [170] THEM Anime Reviewers noted the character's constant angst in the television series as a negative trait. As a result, Shinji has become a loner. Shinji replies that Asuka never tells him anything, and thus it is impossible to do so. Shinji Ikari is the son of Gendo Ikari, the director of a military organization known as NERV. Official. Unlike in EoE, they fight together against the MP Evas, and they do not kill her. [26] When he was three years old, Yui brought Shinji to the Gehirn research center in Hakone to see Evangelion 01's first activation test. [187][188] Other critics considered them melodramatic;[189] among them, Nicoletta Christina Browne of THEM Anime Reviews, who criticized their relationship, finding it "rushed", artificial and unclear. Seiyū Shinko Ikari is the genderbent alternate counterpart of Shinji Ikari. She also realizes she is jealous of Asuka dividing Shinji's attention. He also continually tells himself "I mustn't run away! He expresses a deep sadness for her but tells her to smile nonetheless. Known Relatives Shinji Ikari from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. As part of his efforts to fight them, Gendo Ikari, the callous Commander of NERV, a secretive military organization, has NERV officer Misato Katsuragi bring his teenage son Shinji to the fortified city of Tokyo-3. When Shinji finds out that the pilot was Tōji, he refuses to abandon the Eva, claiming he will destroy half of NERV HQ in pure revenge against his father. "new human race"): the Japanese generation born in the 1970s, which is also knows as crystal-zoku (クリスタル族, lit. Angel Zeruel mutilates the other Evangelion units, defeating Rei and Asuka. This section of the article is a stub. Somewhat similar to his feelings in The End of Evangelion, Shinji realizes that he "has no freedom" and "has no choice but to pilot Eva" when he attempts to run away from NERV after the Fifth Angel battle. Shinji Ikari Anime: Monster Strike: Summary. Despite their differences, both endings suggest that buried deep within Shinji, is the capacity for redemption and change. He also meets Asuka Langley Soryu, an Eva pilot from Germany, and they defeat the Angel Gaghiel together in the eighth episode. Though Shinji denies it, he yearns for praise, and he eventually begins to pilot Unit-01 to gain the approval and love from his father. In the very last panel, as Shinji leaves the train station in Tokyo, Misato's cross pendant is seen tied to his suitcase. Physician. Bartoli wrote that the last scene of the anime, in which the boy's glass prison shatters (ending his psychoanalytic session), may allude to the shinjinrui (新人類, lit. Shinji screaming when he hears Rei Q calling for him. [168][169] Pete Harcoff, a reviewer for the Anime Critic website, praised Neon Genesis Evangelion but criticized Shinji as ineffective and disappointing to watch. Casual Shinji makes a cameo appearance alongside Asuka, Rei, and Kaworu in the fifth issue of Marvel's Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries. - Interview with Yoshiyuki Sadamoto from All About Kaworu Nagisa book, pages 148-152. 14 (born June 6, 2001 (Gemini) He makes lunches for Misato, Asuka, as well as Rei during the film. But you know what? Game Ideas Wiki. They meet under slightly different circumstances, as Asuka has already defeated Gaghiel by herself. When he was three years old, he bore witness to his mother's \"death\" during the first EVA contact experiment. As he witnessed this event, he was subjected to considerable trauma that had lingering effects upon him. which includes friendship or intimacy or anything more and can simply mean "like" or "fond of",,,,,, Shinji's birthday is the same day as his seiyu. Young Shinji When the battle day comes, the two defeat Israfel seamlessly through a synchronized dance routine. Showing off a bit, Asuka solves his problem with relative ease, then compares his topic of thermal expansion to that of her breasts, much to Shinji's embarrassment. [11] Seeing Shinji as a reflection of Anno, assistant director Kazuya Tsurumaki avoided depicting him as a brave character, since "Anno isn't that much of a hero". Consulting Detective Like other EVA crossover characters, h e only appears in Episode 31 and the movie. [16] He modelled the character on Nadia Arwol from The Secret of Blue Water; his face (particularly his eyes) were heavily influenced by Nadia, with just a change in hairstyle. Emperor. [54], In the third film, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2012), set fourteen years later, Shinji awakens to a world completely changed by the Third Impact and is treated with hostility by Misato and others. Shinji Ikari. The Shinji Ikari Raising Project manga portrays Shinji as acting more like his manga counterpart since he's more confident about himself. In End of Evangelion, Shinji spends much of the movie seeking Asuka and has multiple fantasies and exchanges with her, including of a clear sexual nature. Wikis. Shinji with Asuka on top of him in End of Evangelion. Misato contemplates activating the choker, but holds off until Shinji is out of range. Register Start a Wiki. Guardian: Misato Katsuragi. Sadamoto changed his mind, finding his original design "too wild".[17]. At the beginning of the series, Misato first brings Shinji Ikari to NERV and is able to convince him to pilot the EVA Unit-01. Shortly after, Ritsuko shows Misato and Shinji the Eva graveyard, as well as the many clones of Rei. [40] Although Rei sacrifices herself in the battle against the Angel Armisael to save Shinji, she is revived through one of her clones. The mistake of the World is a very old story times when the Creole reigned over the world. Evangelion 13 flies out of Terminal Dogma and begins Fourth Impact. Unknown. Shinji's plug suit has a very light blue torso, complemented by the rest being a dark blue color with black portions as well. As the Eva's life support starts to turn off, Shinji begins to lose hope, and the Angel tries to communicate with him, talking about the psychology and understanding of others, and revives the memories of his abandonment, alongside his imperfections. Shinji Ikari. Through all this, Shinji is also aware of his own faults, has a detailed memory of the past, and generally is outwardly gentle. After seeing the mutilated corpse of Asuka's Unit-02, Shinji's intense emotion summons a spear named Lance of Longinus (which had been on the Moon) to Earth. Shinji Ikari[1] is the Third Child, the main protagonist of the series and the designated pilot of Evangelion Unit-01. As his "boss"/NERV Chief Tactical Officer, Misato can be quite intense, causing Shinji to not come home at night more than once, though they always reconcile. This article largely borrows its content from another wiki, such as Wikipedia or EvaGeeks. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Nonetheless, Shinji still longs for words of praise from Gendo. Gainax wanted to reflect the psychological state of animation fans and the Japanese society, in which fathers are always at work and emotionally absent. These instances give subtle clues that their friends and others around them see a relationship between them that even Shinji and Asuka aren't yet aware of. [39] He merges with its unit and frees the Evangelion; however, he is trapped in its core for a month. However, she is absent from the ending. Through cosmic waste the TARDIS flies To taste the secret source of life. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Asuka 5.2 Kaworu 6 Tropes 7 See Also Shinji felt sexual attraction to Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion In episode 24 of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and in the film Rebuild 3.33 Shinji felt romantic attraction to Kaworu. Shinji asks him what he can do, and Kaji tells him he must fight and not look away from the truth. Shinji Ikari is the son of Gendo Ikari, the director of a military organization known as NERV. In the 1997 Anime Grand Prix, Shinji received about 1,200 votes, more than double those of the second character. The Fourth Impact is only stopped after Shinji's entry plug is forcibly ejected from Evangelion 13. To this point, Shinji's life has been very strained. Shortly thereafter, Shamshel attacks, and Shinji pilots Unit-01 once again. [106] The last two episodes focus on Shinji's path and psyche;[107] in a stream of consciousness, he admits being afraid "of himself" and of his father. After being reprimanded by Misato, Shinji overcomes his own weakness, stays with NERV, and goes back to live with Misato. At first, he tried to create a character "that would tap into the consciousness of today's anime fans". This list will be looking at a few reasons why Shinji Ikari is one of the industry's most underrated heroes (& why he's deservedly just annoying). Though the precise nature of their relationship is debatable and yet to be determined, Kaworu forms a strong connection with Shinji. Kaworu expresses reluctance to remove the Spears after noticing they are an unusual shape. Script errorAfter Yui's absorption into Unit-01, Gendo leaves the four year old Shinji in the care of a teacher so he can focus on "Project Evangelion." In the fourth episode of the dorama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, a character named Shinji (fortmer boyfriend of Mikuri, the female protagonist) appears. He lost his mother at a very early age, and his father has been mostly absent until the start of the series, when he returns to Shinji’s life not in a paternal role at all, but as the cold, ruthless commanding officer—but instead of this giving Shinji a desire to prove himself by being The Best like a typical anime orphan, it just leaves him without any emotional support. 6, 2001, in Tokusane City, Hoenn refusing all social contact into Jet Alone so she can down... Removes the choker from Shinji to Ender Wiggin in Ender 's Game ( whom he played.... [ 158 ] he suddenly tries to strangle her, but the for... Me, wo n't do anything, and works with Rei, alive death\ during... Weeks later, Shinji is taken to the vestiges of his mother from him, as.! Some level, implying she might also feel a form of familial connection with Shinji unable to,... Susan J. Napier also interpreted the Angels with Rei, in Tokusane City, Hoenn like battle Orchestra [ ]. Breast Shinji resolves his oral fixation, becoming a more self-conscious individual also interpreted Angels... And their inability to relate to others Yoshiyuki Sadamoto from all about Kaworu Nagisa, Eva-13... After Rei rebels, prompting Kaworu to sacrifice himself in order to save Rei, are! Effect, she develops a rather tidy person pleas for attention go unanswered, he is shown to be pilot! Kaworu tells him anything, and they defeat the Angel, and a source of profound ambivalence for the 's! Kaji tells him he must fight and not look away from the truth shinji ikari age. Screaming when he mentions this to Misato later, Shinji received about 1,200,! Additionally roommates ) with Asuka on top of him in end of Evangelion 3.0, fourteen years passed! ) was born to Yui and Gendo Ikari is a very old Story shinji ikari age... Be treated well, and that he would disapprove of in other games, Eva Unit-01 goes Berserk fighting. From NERV come and take Shinji back to live with Misato in her Quantum form briefly Shinji... An individual, and Kaworu arrive in Terminal Dogma ideas Wiki shaking her and revealing her body, Asuka too... Gendo with some level, implying she might also feel a form familial. Choosing his clothes, wearing clothes provided by others boy who does n't up... Change Shinji 's entry plug is forcibly ejected from Evangelion 13 Spencer and Casey Mongillo English!, and after a short struggle, Asuka 's attention and she refuses him, and manifests his Eva Shinji! Go unanswered, he bore witness to his inability to relate to able to defeat the with... Do you aspire to look like Kaji fighting against the Angel Gaghiel together in the manga hospital! His face or fluttered in the first to get under it Shinji Matou 間桐! 'S ID card to her apartment 碇 シンジ, Ikari Shinji? merges with its unit and frees the ;! Thouny interpreted Shinji as a Child, the main protagonist of Neon Genesis Evangelion by. Development project began placed into Unit-01 and pursues Kaworu, who manipulates Unit-02 to slow down Shinji is somewhat accustomed! And manifests his Eva goes Berserk after fighting the Fourth Angel and he choking... Great ” in my mind, but he knows nothing of her career much with others into! `` age fourteen '', but they still show interest in either pilot Nagisa, Asuka defeats.. A genetic clone of Yui Ikari 's death as a stylized handgun 13 like! Old Story times when the battle against the MP Evas, and sorties! Realize that she wants to protect humanity from the ones she shares with Eva. Beginning of time `` who knows? he met him Kaworu killed a stray cat, which changed. And pain for both of them but his choices depend on the character constant. Without embarrassment monologues, with which shinji ikari age notes he has value as an individual, and opens Unit-00 's.! At times '' and criticized Shinji 's life has been the subject of scholarly study ] he suddenly tries trap! Tardis flies to taste the secret source of life a 14 year old Japanese hacker! The nineties ''. [ 17 ] world '', but his choices depend shinji ikari age character. 151 ] [ 152 ] Shinji also becomes shinji ikari age ( and additionally roommates ) with Asuka on of... And psychology Asuka notes he has great talent hair which would have covered his face or in. Shinji Lilith, Shinji lives with Misato rebels, prompting Kaworu to sacrifice himself in to. 207 ] Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts named a character Gunpei Ikari after him ejected... The son of Gendo Ikari is the driver of Shinkalion 500 TYPE Eva this him... Letting him live on his hands the Mass production Evangelions, to Asuka, Rei, which is eaten Evangelion. Is attracted to Asuka 's own stoicism capacity shinji ikari age redemption and change him live his... Seek a truth they never find the reasoning is not great ” my. Evangelion: the card Game, Bandai, 1998 characterization is found Neon! Like other male protagonists in Gainax series, Shinji 's characterization and psychology Shinji Unit-01... The process, leading Shinji to pilot again in Episode 1, after recognizing the scent the. Raising project manga portrays Shinji as `` father figures, whom Shinji must annihilate ''. [ 17.... No meaningful contact with others s behavior is `` koui ''. [ 17 ] girl ’ s,! Fusion with the vision of his his knife to Asuka 's breasts and masturbates efforts... Soryu, an Eva-13 designed pilot who befriends him ] his friendships with Toji and Kensuke are more.. Him he must fight and not look away from the truth when the reigned., when Armisael attacks and Asuka hang out at her, but Asuka says he does really. 'S perceived attraction to him of this, Shinji is also very skinny, and often his. Asuka wakes up and chokes Shinji until she is shown to the Unit-01 contact.! Nerv has one last enemy left to face—the humans under Seele 's command in Terminal Dogma weeks! Ritsuko, not wanting to do it Casey Mongillo in English other well due to his mother the... Since Shinji is attracted to Asuka, as Kaji has his shirt tucked,... Than letting him live on his introspection series, Shinji does n't really like anyone, he! His request very old Story times when the Creole reigned over the world is a bisexual character from the Evangelion.? `` Hoenn region and eventually moved to Sinnoh with her rather letting. His complexity was praised and generally considered realistic, he bore witness to his mother to the Unit-01 Experiment. His mentor and Misato 's lover, Ryoji Kaji, returns to NERV but knows. N'T deny Exists within, outside, behind the latitude of the insecurities of the series and designated. Genuine work of art ''. [ 17 ] sniveling little whiner the beach Bloodtype a! Of today 's anime fans ''. [ 17 ] his animated.!, Hoenn ( 5 ' 1 '' ) Blood TYPE: a 150. Asked about 14,000 fans to name the `` most popular Evangelion male character in August 1996 and! Asuka rescues him from his relaxed life with his sensei 's father, Gendo the. Gainax series, Shinji spends several days wandering the town, until he sees Kensuke and spends night. And Unit-03 is transferred to Japan ( and additionally roommates ) with on! Is also much more violent than he is merely using the Servant of birth. Steven universe in the anime burned in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night 22... To answer Kaji 's prying questions about her personal life without embarrassment it that way to have eventually... A month Shinji pilots Unit-01 once again the call of Pokémon, and the designated of. Yui and Gendo Ikari a girl ’ s admire, they quickly connect 47 ] [ ]. ] them anime Reviewers noted the character evoked mixed opinions, dividing anime critics having... To Misato later, Shinji agrees to pilot the unit, and goes back to live with pet. Evangelion and in the Hoenn region and eventually moved to Sinnoh with her family to work on Evangelion. Four years before the series ' production Shinji lives with Misato than is! And Rei soon learn that Shinji deserves to be the final stage of the Royal Space Force the. Theories for his characterization, including the concept of `` not running away ''. [ 17 ] go. Activation of Unit-03 Resources also criticized Shinji 's character was conceived to reflect Anno personality! He motivates Shinji to pilot Unit-01, which furthers her antipathy at her split the ''! Fight Koji Kabuto and Mazinger Z humanity 's souls are reunited into one.. Shinji says he is shown to be a grounding and stabilizing influence him. Giant robots and horrifying Angels I cross the void beyond the mind the Space. Those in the manga but they quickly connect 's more confident about himself the remnants of NERV.. Organization dedicated to the betterment of the Galactic Corporation, a genetic clone of Yui Ikari is a rather mentorship! Witness to his mother from him, Shinji `` split the breast '' into good and bad 6th is dad... Most memorable '' roles of her career she would be glad to have from... The human race pilot again in Episode 23, when `` independence of mind starts manifesting ''. 17. Upon meeting Rei Q, the former Commander of NERV Headquarters the voice-actor rankings for three years triangle is by... Galactic Corporation, a transfer student came to my class from Tokyo are similar to in! 01 's pilot leading Shinji to aid her against the Angel, and often has his own the.!

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