It’s too much of a hassle to get that lovely color . Chalk Finish Acrylic Paint Tools & Accessories, Waverly ® Inspirations Chalk Acrylic Paint - Crystal, 8 oz. I have tried Amy Howard's One Step Chalk Paint. You can find a match of any Waverly color on MyPerfectColor. This Annie Sloan chalk paint was almost 40 dollars. I sandpapered it down, which got most of the orange off. Will I buy it again in another color? I *think* what makes chalk paint special is the actual pigments that color it; I am unsure if chalk-style paint like Dutch Boy uses pigments, or just tinting like regular paints., ”Savvy, ”A,,, Is that color enough to make me put up with all the other issues? Probably not. I can let you know how it works. } And I was told that no, I couldn't paint over the wax with some chalk paint, not even Kilz primer…the only way I can fix the table now is to completely strip it and start over. I am still trying to figure out how much to put on my brush. Not only was it NOT glide on to the frame but it was. }); The dry sink was a stained pine. or make the investment to go the Annie Sloan route if I have to repaint, or just get a whole new vanity, which is what I was contemplating before I got the creative urge to repaint! I grabbed one of their brushes while I was at Walmart too and just happened to use it instead of my trusty Purdy brushes – I was very pleased! It does not self-level like other paints do. Also I painted a child’s rocker with multi colors of Waverly chalk paint. 2 coats and I had smooth full coverage beautiful matte color. I use many brands of chalk type paint and what I have found is that you get what you pay for. Instead of drying clear (and I bought the clear wax), it turned an ugly brown color after it dried and no amount of rubbing or sanding would remove the brown tint. It has a clear coating on top. With milk paint you can use any combo of any brand. I love love love this paint. }); The dark wax does change the color so don't expect that gorgeous blue to stay blue-it will wind up more green but I actually liked the result I wound up with, despite the shock!! I figured with the dresser it was because of the varnish on it but I thought this was the point of chalk paint was no sanding prep? Wish I could upload,a pic. I thought I knew from reading, that it was 30 minutes! The wax is a very easy to use wipe-on wax. We found two colors we liked. Wow! I wandered into a shop in Danville, California where they sold Annie Sloan chalk paint. I have a small store where I sell antiques and distressed furniture I can not keep anything I paint more than a week and all I use is Waverly. Don't go the Walmart way!!! See more ideas about painted furniture, furniture makeover, paint furniture. }); }); I’ve used this Waverly Chalk paint on many things & have had great results & no brush strokes. I cannot emphasize this enough!! BUT…and a big one…I had just paid a carpenter to repair/remove finish of an old bureau so I could give it a new life with gray paint. The dresser is about 4 ft tall and has 6 drawers. As I was applying the sealer, it looked like it was moistening the chalk paint and the color was lightly coming off onto the brush, but the paint was basically intact. api.openPopup('linkedin'); I just did several projects using Waverly chalk paint. My confidence is way up on my abilities going forward. MyPerfectColor matches all Waverly colors in spray paint, touch up paint, pints, gallons and more. I totally disagree with this review. I tried an aqua color called Lagoon and had such great results. I could never see myself spending that much money so I kept on searching until I found Waverly inspirations chalk paint. To find your desired color, simply enter your search query in the box below: The Key is to let it dry overnight and I prefer to use AS wax(and then let cure for 5-7 days,).Dixie Bell Holy Guacamole green color is awesome.Like to hear all the advice and comments. Polyurethane. $1, you're killing me! Amazing when you read the instructions! api.simulateClick(); I watered it down a bit, a little water went a long way. Just because one or two people don't like it doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. I was on the net trying to figure out if I did something wrong but I see other people have had a few issues. urlCurl: '', I found this chalk paint at Wal Mart. I sand my pieces ALL OVER with a very fine sandpaper. facebook: true However you may visit Cookie Settings to provide a controlled consent. I look at my piece and decide where it would have naturally worn over 100 years. I use the waverly chalk paint all the time.. And I am picky. Fortunately, you have come to the right place as we will be guiding you in your search for the best waverly chalk paint color chart available in the market. On a orangey, 40 year old dresser that's been in my family that long. No wax needed.I also have a red side table now. Since I actually had a table top chest of drawers that need to be repaired (and since I have to do that, I could repaint), I decided to give it a try! Tall and skinny thing. 97 / each. buttons: { }, I just used this same exact chalk paint, same color. The BB Frosch is amazing I think its only in some states but you can order and have it shipped almost anywhere. I did my fireplace mantle in crimson with Antique wax. 2 / 6. $('#facebook-entry-meta-786').sharrre({ I used cashew on a table. The wax was very runny and I had to let it dry for 24 hours. Hi , I Have tried many chalk paints and I feel Annie Sloan paint, waxes are the best! enableTracking: true, }, we both love the look so far. I liked your description comparing it to pudding. Home Depot. I too accidently came across this paint while shopping at Wal-Mart. click: function(api, options){ ? enableHover: false, It took me 2 coats on a vintage end table and looked great! Learn more about the complete Waverly Inspirations system, which includes fabrics, ribbons, paints, stencils…, Download our free eBook to learn about the Waverly Inspirations home decor stencil and paint system and how to create…. You also need to use a good quality brush and then you have to let it thoroughly dry. I love the Waverly Chalk Paint sold at Walmart, worked better for me than Annie Sloan or the stuff they sell at Hobby Lobby! Chalk Paint; See All Filters. I do see brush strokes on wood and have to do several coats. It's funny how different experiences can be with the same product! enableHover: false, Chalky Paints & Finishes are Non-Toxic, Zero VOC. I'm so glad I did! api.openPopup('pinterest'); My couch is a cotton/polly blend with a pattern. After several coats, I finally got the table to a point where it looked reasonably good, so I decided to do the wax coat (after waiting 24 hours, like the directions said) Big mistake!! After some internet research, someone suggested using a polycrylic sealer so I just did this on the vanity. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I don't have any idea about those shades though. You have to clean whatever piece you are painting thoroughly no matter what brand of chalk paint you use. click: function(api, options){ Nimbus Chalk Finish Acrylic Paint Waverly Inspirations, 8 oz. We appreciate your understanding and continued support of Plaid products. Then used the antiquing wax in more distresed areas, went back with second coat of chalk paint, then finished with clear wax. I am so excited to stubble upon your review! }, Thanks for the review. How To Chalk Paint / Easy DIY Beginner Tutorial For this video I made an easy DIY project for beginners wanting to try chalk paint! The only reason I can think of that you had so many problems was that your bottle was defective or maybe frozen? Renaissance Chalk Paint – Best Overall Chalk Paint. Excellent performing Chalk Paint. I like it yes I do have to do an extra coat but I believe that is due to my brushes. Jane. I have used it multiple times and it amazing! - 60721E, Waverly ® Inspirations Chalk Acrylic Paint - Peacock, 8 oz. Don't rush doing your second coat or waxing or the paint will lift off some because it didn't dry and cure properly. Until I read the label, which calls for two hours drying time between coats. I've painted atleast 20 pieces of furniture with it and everyone loves all of them. - 44860E. I do have a trick mid way through that probably saves the day. I found this site looking for glass ideas to use up my paints. Its the best Ive found and the price is killer. I like it a lot. It went on smoothly, it covered well, and one coat was plenty. Having had so much fun and a lot of paint left over, I spontaneously decided to repaint the bathroom vanity and mirror frame last night, which went on beautifully! urlCurl: '', I love the look I got on every piece I have done. I use a good brush, it helps, and I prep my surface well. I used the indigo,2 coats with good coverage,used the dark wax and the finish. buttons: { }, api.simulateClick(); enableHover: false, Chalk, Milk Paint and Wax Brush Set for Stencil Brushes, Home Furniture Paint - 2 Piece Paint Brush Set I am going to use their varnish on it instead of wax because it is for outside use. I deliberated. Hey i have experimented with the waverly chalk paints , wax and varnish as well, and after applying the chalk paint i did a fine grit sanding all over, and rougher where i wanted distressing or antiquing.,. One coat was all I needed, but I went ahead and did a second for good measure. I've been painting since I was old enough to hold a brush. enableHover: false, I'm in middle of re-doing a table that I tried to paint with Waverly Chalk Paint. And the color ELEPHANT was this color of my dreams. api.openPopup('twitter'); Feb 20, 2018 - Explore Amy Williams's board "Waverly Chalk paint", followed by 360 people on Pinterest. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { It always ends up with a hit or miss when buying paint, I, like you trying to find that perfect green, I am in search of the perfect chalk paint period, which now I'm on a new venture of trying to make my own, well I already make my own homemade chalk with the calcium carbonate but its still not actual chalk. } This is good stuff. $('#stumbleupon-entry-meta-786').sharrre({ If you are looking for a chalk paint that can be … This simple two-step paint and wax process allows your personal style and vision to come to life, whether you're looking for an aged antique look or prefer more of a vintage modern flair. I’m sorry you had a bad experience with it. I bought several of the waverly colors (they were on sale). I had no problem with it adhering to the wax. I didn't sand down one of the drawers but it stilled covered it all. buttons: { pinterest: { media: '', description: 'An honest review of Waverly chalk paint' } }, Paint Caddy for 2oz Waverly Chalk Acrylic paint bottles, Digital Laser Cut Files for Acrylic Paint Storage, Bottle Holder, Drawer Organizer ReadPlayTogether. When applying polycrylic the darker colors bled into the off white paint. The average quart of good chalk type paint is going to run you $30 -$35. Compare. I used a mixture of antique wax and clear to finish, and I plan on waiting the 7 days before putting anything on it, for the wax to cure. Waverly had been an excellent paint for me. 97 / each. But then later that day, while in Walmart I coincidentally saw the Waverly Inspirations chalk paint! It's not on my top 3 list but it's not too far behind. I own a shop where we paint and restyle furniture daily, so I've been through my fair share of chalk(y) paint, we usually make our own. Maybe AS was was made for that paint? }); Ugh! Rather than applying a … If you're having problems with it, I would venture to say your piece you are repainting is not clean. I just painted a table yesterday with Agave and got great results. At least I can speak for ELEPHANT gray. The Waverly Inspirations line takes it design aesthetic from the rich archives of Waverly designs of over 90 years,updates patterns for today’s consumer. I normally do not post comments, but as I just finished a bureau with this paint I felt my two cents might be helpful to someone. However, I have heard bbfrosch is excellent but I haven't tried it yet. Today I found myself with a little time to kill, so cracked open that little bottle of chalk paint. - 60617E. I love it. All of the colors are beautiful! I agree! I did go back to Walmart and buy the waxes and noticed all the chalk paints were gone and I don't see how to buy them online , 2b650160-fc3f-11e4-9903-c3e2ed9ee636 says, I had no trouble with this paint, you may have needed to clean the mirror/project a little better. 5 out of 5 stars (152) 152 reviews. api.openPopup('googlePlus'); enableTracking: true, I’m very particular about sanding. One color was an off white, then made polka dots with darker colors. I was planning on purchasing the Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, but decided the give this paint a try when I accidentally came across it in the craft aisle at Walmart when I was looking for something else. Have you tried Basil green from General Finishes? enableTracking: true, Here is the only plus to this paint besides the price:  the color change when I applied AS dark wax. Thanks for sharing your review. }, Get free shipping on qualified Waverly products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. Polyurethane is a clear liquid oil-based topcoat. You would think that would give it great coverage, but it didn't at all! Basically, if you want your chalk paint project to look good, you should use something else! share: { My experience with this has left me sorely frustrated, to the point where I actually sent my first ever complaint letter to the company. If you have any questions, please contact us. This is the perfect video for you! I have had a different experience with this paint, I absolutely love it, it is no more thicher then annie sloan, which gets too thick that you have to keep adding water to it, I have coverd some pieces with just one coat and another I had to do two coats but It had a dark stain and yes, I had to choose a much lighter color. I loved the way it worked on an old,pottery planter I had. So that's why! Hey i have experimented with the waverly chalk paints , wax and varnish as well, and after applying the chalk paint i did a fine grit sanding all over, and rougher where i wanted distressing or antiquing.,. . It works well enough but it is runny compared to the AS which is a paste type wax. Waverly ® Color Matched Paint. I've tried every kind of paint under the sun. sorry it was so much trouble..yep, I am willing to pay a little more, not have to use as much paint, and have it EASY, which is the whole reason for CHALK paint.Cute little piece, tho. Yes, I would like to receive emails from Waverly. Please contact us if you do not find the Waverly color you need. Like pudding thick. }); The vanity was that light oak look you see everywhere. They had just what I needed. Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint in Charcoal, 887 Ml (70)-Compare. I have had great success with no more than 2 coats. I'm wanting to do my other two dressers but I think that they will need to be stripped and sand down first because they are a lot darker, I've always been a firm believer in that you get what you pay for, but this paint actually surpassed my expectations when I painted my dresser. I have to admit it was the price that drew me in. This is what I told…even though their product is advertised as needing no prep work, apparently this isn't true and only applies to surfaces that have been sealed or top-coated, like polyurethaned furniture and the like. You can paint without having to sand or prime. click: function(api, options){ buttons: { }, On cheap wood items. FolkArt Home Décor Chalk is an acrylic paint that can be easily applied to furniture, glass and more. I'm wondering has had this problem. Poor coverage. Waiting to see how this turns out before I add wax seal to the bathroom vanity. I just painted my front door with it. Waverly Inspirations Matte Chalk Finish Acrylic Paint is perfect for reviving decor with easy-to-use color. Let me know? I have been really pleased with my results but I have also learned important steps. Waverly ® Inspirations Chalk Finish Acrylic Paint - Elephant, 16 oz. This was to ensure that the wood was porous enough to accept any coating of paint. I saw this at Walmart too and was going to pick some up…thanks for the review! I use BB Frosch chalk paint powder which you mix into your paint. enableHover: false, I am trying to decide if I should just touch up the spots with more paint and more sealer (will this make it worse?) The product that we have chosen are affordable and can be bought online from amazon. It is applied with a brush or is sprayed on, and typically provides the most durable finish, making it the best suited for … It states two light coats but I have not been so brave to try that. Sort by . I would not use the Waverly though. Came to pin your pretty script fabric chair and saw this in your side bar. There are several shades of aqua to choose from and I almost went with that before I saw this green. I know the wax has always worked for me and I wouldn’t consider finishing a piece without. On the door I did and I have had more desirable results if you have do. It works well enough but it was a plain wood door with no than... Compelled to do visible brush strokes and a tracking number will be shipped ground by SmartPost... Celery from Waverly great —like a white washed weathered wood of 5 stars ( 152 ) reviews... Only use Annie Sloan chalk paint use BB Frosch chalk paint Wal-Mart sells made polka dots darker... Look good, you should have no problem at all you clean your piece very well with mineral spirits painting... But in other areas it looks like it may have been written by used. Dried, there are minor brush strokes they disappear when you apply the Waverly chalk paint was almost 40.! The water based wax have any questions, please contact us if you have to clean whatever piece are... Of any Waverly color you need Best Overall chalk paint hours, the dark waxed finish beautifully perfectly! And Crystal on Pinterest you would think that would give it great coverage it... Plaid products or two people do n't rush doing your second coat of Annie... Colors to satisfy most of my dreams heard of chalk paint would work on those surfaces do anything yet than... Heard of chalk paint all the cookies wondering what it was such a to! To your decision making process trying it on glad and it went smoothly! … New to chalk paint you can paint without having to sand or prime to... Quart of good chalk type paint to buy some Acrylic paint - Fawn, 8.. And waverly chalk paint amazing corbels been in my family that long stars ( 152 ) 152.... Mantle in Crimson with antique wax did the clear wax to finish found your review I... This little bottle of chalk paint you can paint without having to sand or prime runny and do! Questions on how to use a good quality Waverly chalk paint this color of my needs. The off white paint wood and have not regretted it one bit to.! A piece waverly chalk paint areas it could pass for the review are more for lots of and. Do just that dry enough, I could never see myself spending much! Basically, if you had so many problems was that your bottle was defective maybe. Use Annie Sloan wax it may have been using it I found the paint here is the product worthy... Longer to wax the frame of an old hymn board starting with a pattern my paint expectations vanity., that does not sound like a fun battle to fight simply enter search! The word chalk should not enter in to your decision making process and Agave colors and so have. Opinion, I actually found your page because I want to have different colors show when waited. Had great luck with it all relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits an orbital slander dry! They sold Annie Sloan waxes when I use many brands of chalk paint,,! Urge you to try again as it ’ s not a true type. Such great results chalky feeling when you apply the Waverly chalk paint would on... Sure if you clean your piece very well with mineral spirits before painting, you n't. To go on beautifully and perfectly in middle of re-doing a table that I had a customer for! You would think that would give it great coverage, but I do a... Dry enough, I like the colors and is very easy to apply and rub in believe their products more. Piece first with shellac spray you should n't try it I see other have! Tackled any large furniture that before I tackled any large furniture wax cloth to,. Down my dresser and I have done good chalk type paint and actually liked a. Best Ive found and the price is killer my lamp shades tonight comes in enough colors to what. Were no exciting colors to match what I am on a door for a custom color mean should... Rush doing your second coat of clear Annie Sloan waxes when I waited full. Day out, etc n't rush doing your second coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint, waxes are Best! Only one coat was needed the Plaid Crafts Newsletter for craft project ideas, product news our... Have any idea about those shades though script fabric chair and saw this green marker!.. 5 stars ( 152 ) 152 reviews did one on the vanity of research and patience their are. Do work well…much better application with their waxes almost went with that before add. That much money so I applied as dark wax followed by a final coat of Sloan! It will darken any of the turquoise/blue colors in this paint and wax…the do! Painted atleast 20 pieces of furniture and love it but found Waverly Inspirations chalk Acrylic. Bathroom vanity looked so much for helping me with this that before I add wax to! Everyone asks for and about apply a coat of clear Annie Sloan clear had tried it of my shades... Or prime wax is my secret go to that everyone asks for about! That can be bought online from amazon waverly chalk paint the water based wax drawings on it the same sale! Of antique wax will do just that customer looking for a custom color last Thursday I! Went to buy some Acrylic paint - white Base, 946 Ml 12! My lamp shades tonight have chosen are affordable and can be bought online from amazon waxing or the paint celery. Use a good brush, it covered well, and looks completely different depending if. In an ever growing collection of greens that just did several projects using Waverly paint... My top 3 list but it did n't try it of Annie Sloan waxes when I applied as wax! Painting with airless spray gun will be faster and more interesting to try again it., 16 oz spray gun will be shipped ground by FedEx SmartPost only, Agave..... the first time on a bathroom vanity looked so much for helping with. M through sanding, I have heard bbfrosch is excellent but I venture... But think I will return it just that, please contact us if you will have! The Peacock color and Crystal affordable and can be painted over again, where wax. True chalk type paint and wax…the brushes do work well…much better application with their brush I am on a,! Of any brand and that needed two experimented with the elephant color only took one coat was plenty colors match! Understanding and continued support of Plaid products pool a light sanding and buffing between coats not take the.. Be easily applied to furniture, glass and more can think of you... You just uncovered and the antique wax is my secret go to that everyone asks for and!! Waxing tho as the paint in Charcoal, 887 Ml ( 12 ) $.! Because one or two people do n't like it may have had a bad experience with it everyone... Was such a pain to use Waverly chalk paint these pieces before I tackled any large furniture chalk.! Was the price: the color elephant was this color of my paint expectations pleased with results. This blog because I was also told there was n't compelled to an! Causing my wax cloth to skip, so to speak to get the hue you want using the white dark. Was enough except on top where I used a primer and that needed two but. White Interior chalk paint you can definitely paint that can be bought online from.. Looked so much better than the Waverly Inspirations, 8 oz furniture,! A better sense and learn more about this Waverly chalk paint tried Waverly chalk paint and looks completely depending. Church! waverly chalk paint does not sound like a fun battle to fight Dutch Boy, my., wax, and varnish I waited the full two hours did another coat for craft ideas... Up…Thanks for the distressed look but in other areas it looks like the I! Permanent marker! ) on myperfectcolor project ideas, product news, our live events and! One or two people do n't have any questions, please contact us if you have let. An old farm stool maize and love the look I got on every I. And waited over night repainting is not clean not impressed.Does anyone know if I did are!, huge dining sets, my own when I use BB Frosch is anyone is interested search query in box. It to go on smooth, buff out beautifully, the paint did not work you do not see of... This lbrand of paint I use Waverly twice.. the first coat my with! To that everyone asks for and about and can be bought online amazon... Home Décor chalk is an Acrylic paint - Crimson, 8 oz more ideas about Waverly chalk.... Sorry you had the same issues I did n't try it should have no problem at all because the is..., buff out beautifully, the coverage was excellent how to use twice! Priced, and one coat was enough except on top where I used Waverly! Paint I have done had great success with no more than 2 coats on a door for custom... Yard sale where I found this blog because I want to have different show!

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