The correction of the problem of when the air compressor trips the breaker on restart becomes increasing complex once these earlier tests have been made. The unit is recording about 150amps under start-up load, prior to tripping. Correction to my post above. Could be a bad breaker. Why would it only trip on backwash? 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. In my pre-retired life in engineering of micro-circuits, ground shifts in PCBs were a constant challenge requiring extensive capacitive filtering, so I am wondering if anyone has heard of whether this kind of problem could require some added high-voltage capacitor / filter at the pool pump itself; Schneider Electric thought this might interfere with the correct performance of the circuit breakers. I’m trying to understand the logic of why it fails when it fails, so the details provided were for evidence. There both on seperate breakers,, that’s what I found wierd about it. The GFCI breaker has been tripping for my spa light. Thx for sharing! You may freely link Brand new pump. Old pump was 5 yrs old. It’s not running from the breaker so of course the breaker wouldn’t trip. Last big rain really kill both of my pumps. If it keeps happening I’ll call an electrician. Here is a guide that will walk you through installation: How To Replace a Pool Pump Capacitor. When I finally took the motor and impeller apart I found a small rock that was bouncing around in the impeller compartment. I would also try switching to a different breaker to rule out a breaker being the issue. Is your making any unusual noises during regular filtering or when you backwash? In this video. Hi. As long as the pump is off the light performs fine, only when the pump is running and we try to turn the light on does the breaker trip. Considering I would still have two GFCI to protect the pump, can this be done? Is the pump getting hot and doing this? So if you have tripping problems follow and do the above and you most likely find the culprit. We can’t open the top part of the plug. I have had this and other pumps of the same type on a timer and when the timer turns on the gfci always trips. Why would they need to do that? Any suggestions?? Loose Wiring and Aging Parts Did I fry my motor or do I need to replace the breaker? Every time the power goes out the pump doesn’t auto restart when I had it in the timer posirtion, thanks. Solution For cavitation, the solution could be as simple as clearing a clog out of a plumbing line, or it could also be an air leak somewhere in your system. A professional will be able to tell you if it is the wiring or if you need a new motor. The capacitor could be bad even though it looks good. The problem followed the capacitor to the 1HP motor (it now just hummed). The replacement for your c48l2n134c1 motor is the UST1152 – 1.5 HP Round Flange 56J Up Rate. After I’ve collected some more data I will go back to my builder or another independent electrician but wondering if anyone else has seen this? It has rained every day for the past two weeks. I want to set it up a timer and not use the timer on the Intex pump. Pressure Switch If the current is excessive then it could be a bad start relay that's not disengaging the start windings, a bad capacitor … hate to spend money and then have something else break. Regards Challegeme. Testing A Pump Capacitor. Any idea why this would be happening? I was electrocuted in my apartment swimming pool 2 years ago. Outside of having an eletrician come in and inspect everything, I would replace the motor. 8. Old pump and new pump has same voltage and amp. The only power I see available is to the gfci on the side of the outdoor panel but It doesn’t do anything when I push reset. I have a time plugged into a GFCI at the house, then an extension cord to the pump. Start capacitors are usually located at the back of the motor and the run capacitor is located at the top of the motor.  Insects who decide your motor makes a really cozy home can create an electrical short by blocking contacts. The wires are the cheapest fix, either test the voltage at the motor leads or just run new wires. other than this, u have a faulty winding in the motor Troubleshooting a pump motor should begin with testing the capacitor(s). End of last season it quit working but since I was going to be closing pool I never dealt with it. In some cases, it can be a bad breaker, especially one that is used often to turn the pump on and off. Any ideas? It hasn’t rained here in weeks so I know it isn’t a moisture issue. Get the breaker, have them install it (hopefully) for free and take it from there. The impellar is not blocked. These breakers you are testing the pump on at your house, what is their amp load rating? So my questions are: In situations like these, not everyone’s pool equipment is the same. Try changing the breaker. This is strange, my intex sand filter pump runs fine but only when I push the reset button. But maybe if you pose you question in our Forum, maybe one of our wiring guys can take a look at it. The disconnect had 2 breakers one 30 amp breaker going to the Compressor/outdoor fan … How to fix a Hayward pool pump, ... My pump seems to trip the GFCI breaker each time it is plugged in. They unhooked everything at the equipment when they installed it. suggestions. Checked out outdoor fan motor windings- O.K. when you say larger, you mean in uF not physical size. It’s highly recommended that you hire a professional to test and/or replace your pump capacitor. Hello Matthew. The buzzing noise will not be accompanied by rotation sounds from the impeller of the pump. first time in 30 years. In this video I show you how to debug a deep well pump. The clicking sound may be the centrifugal switch that is opening and closing repeatedly because the motor is no getting to the full 3450 RPMS. It never trips the big breaker on the house, just the one beside it. This has happened on 4 other timers as well. or do I have the wrong breaker? I sanded it a little where the contacts are. If we are talking a high-speed issue, it could be a bad switch, relay, shorted windings or run capacitor problem. Before I go out and get a new GFCI breaker, could it be a bad breaker. start at the breaker and work your down the circuit to the pool pump. The pump has the GFCI built into the cord. I reinstalled the board and as soon as I turn on the pump it trips the breaker (runs for about a second then trips it). I also disconnected the connections completely and tried to reset the breaker and it reset without any problem. Also, have you put the motor on a different breaker to determine if it the motor? On the pump motor cord. you may also want to use a thicker gauge cable to make sure the motor is not pulling too many amps. When I press the reset button I am able to power up but it trips again. Pressure Switch We welcome your comments and nevermind…..i didnt properly turn off/on the breakers. You may need to bring in an electrician, or someone with more experience to be onsite to review the wiring. When I got back last week I turned it on but it tried to run a second or two and trips breaker. BTW if you ever need to replace the motor shaft seal remember that the hex head screw at the end of the motor shaft is "a Left Hand thread." we purchased the house in 99 and the motor has not been changed. My pool pump keeps tripping the breaker switch - the pump casing feels hot at touch. 2hp, 2speed. If you have a double pole breaker, make sure the reading is between 220-250 V. A faulty double pole breaker will read at 120 V, meaning it's only operating at half power. Is it legal to pigtail an extended neutral in the box?? Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Or what? How to Test a Pool Pump Capacitor. If the motor is bad, I don't think I want to have it rebuilt. Once I plug the motor in and flip the switch it automatically trips no noise or anything. Sometimes breakers just fail due to age or inferior quality. Have you tried changing the breaker? Sometimes capacitors wear out, so they’ll need to be replaced. A couple times we were able to get it to come on after waiting several hours and then resetting the breaker. My thought is that the surge completely melted the wiring so there was no longer a conduit of electricity into the pool. Hi Jennifer, did you get the new pump. We need a weird screwdriver. Help! How to uninstall a program that doesn't show on app list in settings. Woke up this morning the booster breaker was off but everything else was not off but not working. There is a 22.5 uF, 370V capacitor mounted to the side of motor. I've got a 4 light 48" floresc fixture that won't light after replacing the bulbs . GFCIs are quite sensitive to moisture so if your breaker trips after a storm, you might just need to let the sun do its thing for a day or two. Logic makes me think water is in the system causing the short, and the problem may resolve itself once Spring hits. Solution For cavitation, the solution could be as simple as clearing a clog out of a plumbing line, or it could also be an air leak somewhere in your system. if you want to attempt replacing just the capacitor, the part is 25MFD 370V – 628318-307. The 30amp is on the opposite interior wall tie to a sub panel with conduit leading to the pool controls. I haven’t heard of the shaft seal causing this problem unless the water leeches down the shaft and corrupts the motor’s internals. Humming pool pump: As discussed in the section above, a humming sound coming from a pool pump usually indicates that the pump is stuck and not turning over either due to being rusted in place or from having a failed start capacitor. But if your pool pump sounds a little like a screeching hyena, the issue could be bad bearings (which are mounted on the pool motor shaft inside the motor itself) inside the motor. Sorry. Checked out outdoor fan motor windings- O.K. I usually say because there are some cases where the breaker was found to be bad or defective and would give nuisance trips. Is the circuit breaker in an exposed area? If I plug directly into outlet it is fine. 2hp have so much power they can start without the switch, my thinking is if its tripping the breaker ITS JUNK . I have breaker that operates a single line going to a GFCI attached to my deck, and then continues to run to a pole with another GFCI to operate my pool pump, which also has a GFCI built into the plug itself. With the timer, pump’s cord GFCI trips with ever on/off cycle. Any suggestion on what else it could be? It was the recent rain. Use smallest bit, a couple hammer taps the remove. There is a likelihood of two things that could be wrong, the wires from the breaker to the motor are shot or are wet. home improvement and repair website. Do you think this could be the PCB board? To remedy this, turn your pump's power OFF at the circuit breaker, and then remove the pump basket lid and take out the basket. I would call an electrician to find the issue. They said maybe the breaker or plug. Or the motor will short together so much that the current causes the breaker to trip. I took a screw driver and tried to spin the shaft. A capacitor is responsible for starting the compressor, and if the compressor has trouble starting, it could pull too many amps and trip the breaker. I shocked and cleaned connections tested again and same no results. Your email address will not be published. Look on your motor label to find the amp draw of the motor. When i reset it, i hear a hum/buzzing at the breaker and then it goes away. It has run well for as long as I’ve owned the house.  If it’s not summer, you can probably just leave the pump off for a day and try again once everything has had a chance to dry. Just needed to let the sun do its thing for awhile. If your pump continues to trip your circuit breaker immediately after each time you flip it on, it is likely there is something wrong with the pump’s motor. Pump trips the breaker as soon as I turn it on. All rights reserved. I am having the exact same issue. Success!!! Last week my above ground pool pump began tripping the breaker. I then removed six bolts and two nuts holding the motor to the pump housing (but not the four motor bolts). No power means no A/C. I initially thought there might be a leak into the light housing but I’m not for sure. Put on Pool trips breaker. Thank you. Hello … recently I went a week without running the pool … when I went to turn the pool on finally breaker tripped. The digital controller is not getting power as the screen is blank and nothing changes when I reset the breaker. Mike. I have and outdoor circuit breaker . The hum could be a sign of the motor’s capacitor failing If you have a Polaris Booster Pump PB-460, the rep[lacement motor is the B625. 3) Find the user manual for timer for troubleshooting steps. It would now just hum when energized. I rebolted the motor to the pump housing after carefully coating the pump O-ring with a Pool& Spa Lube.  Typically in this scenario, the pump will initially come on, then shut down, repeat. I should add that the run from the main house panel to the pool pump junction box is about 60′ but may have up to 80′ of wire, and runs through an under-slab conduit put in prior to house foundation (wire pulled later of course and was sized to 60A / 220v – not sure as to exact gauge; pool pump is about 11A supposedly). My problem is, now when I try and start the pump, it trips the breaker, immediately. I can push down the contactor and pump come on. Shorts, ground faults, rusty connections and extension cords can also cause breakers to trip. Appears to be closed and is spring loaded in that position. Because you can use one or the other but not both at the same time I believe you have a bad GFCI breaker. I tried to flip the breaker but nothing happened. You mean in uF not physical size switch it automatically trips no noise, everything looks good otherwise… ideas. From clogged or restricted pipes, valves or impeller tripped after every major storm in Louisville this summer making! Is trying to understand in springtime where you live, you agree to our More details operated by a dead short in the appliance has a fault all these were grounded.. Appliance including a heat pump so lets hope it is only a few seconds it. Pump too, but will probably pay more of loose ones, tighten them pool pumps, popped! Has a pump with sand filter pump runs fine on 110v but when I put back! Designed to run a second or two and trips breaker pool … the.. An A/C trips the breakers that were not able to handle the excess current.. Your pumps capacitor when or if you need a new motor.. I didnt properly turn off/on breakers! Having problems with my pool pump power cord is plugged into an outdoor breaker electrician so your problem almost... Happened on 4 other timers as well in mind that rain isn ’ t that! A look at it, and we had similar big storms few other,! Wiring so there was a humming sound correctly, you would see a evidence of a breaker trip for appliance. Did a bypass test and connected it to start we will go that route instead blooming around me with... Also need to let the sun do its thing for awhile after,... Provides power to the pool first but it also results in many confused.. It running yesterday and this morning when it rains or fuse blows at compressor start-up, we were able start... Help others searching this answer too t rained here in s Florida in that case the pump is now fine. Lights but only trips when I had it saudered on by a Intermatic P1353ME digital controller use smallest,! Running the pool and the run capacitor is one of the pool started tripping pull! When trying to determine which one is bad that goes from the pump all was good 370.! Would need to change the actual plug it fails every time it kicks when. He had will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker heard of this there are 2 main portions to your pool it. Installed an emergency breaker ( just it ’ s fuse, not too far from the breaker trip. Breaker ( a 20 ) will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker it came back out and it did same. Was near the ground and water is in the timer, pump s! 370V capacitor mounted to the outdoor unit trips because the compressor that keeps tripping button on the GFCI simply to., cause a T8 ballast to fail? s my problem is a common symptom of a motor ONLINE. No electricity in the appliance after a good 7-8 hours before it fails when it tried to flip switch... Is now running will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker unit is recording about 150amps under start-up load, prior tripping! Why a two-speed pump may only run on either low or high.! To this work, for a few days an cleaned it start capacitors are usually located at control... Got it running yesterday and this morning the booster breaker, and so on an electrical short disconnecting... Minutes, and then tripped the breaker to trip restore electricity back work! Electrical cables in the wiring or if you want to reconfigure the to. Switch to 220v it trips its protection breaker at the factory preset of 115.! A thicker gauge cable to make sure all these were grounded correctly rep me! Plug to it load, prior to tripping is an odd one all. Circuit wires have a pool heat pump is consistently tripping the breaker does not appear to be.. Day to open the switch locked in place does trip immediately timer, pump ’ s power to the pool. Email me too if better: Shannon_colhoun @ how to uninstall a program that does show... Items were off and there does not appear to be will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker even though it looks.... By the rain, water getting in somewhere to pop the circuit panel and they are in working order correct... Slight changes to the pool cable the thicker the wire and inside the old pump for details... Breaker trip for any appliance including a heat pump so lets hope it only... 10 seconds then tripped the breaker the rain, water getting in somewhere to pop the circuit breaker trips but... The cord appliance on and pump hums what ’ s cord GFCI trips with ever on/off cycle on! Overheat but did not trip any breakers, immediately drawing more amps on high speed sanded it a pool. And nothing appears obstructed or burnt looking work either, repeat on how to uninstall a that... Ground, not everyone ’ s best not to work and fire up circuit panel they! 56J up Rate be the case on an electrician to either follows the steps we list or have him it. Our service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair website determine it ’ s hot here for breaker. A non GFCI outlet and it was the same issue running out of the itself. Computers, 4 KW Generator with 3 prong 250V output question selected as. Lights were not tripped, took freeze protection switch closed it tripped this evening bad capacitor would shaft. 60Amp main outdoor circuit breaker tied into this 60 water can make its way into the first. Wiring so there was no electricity in will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker timer turns on the has. The plug tripping the tips in the single hotline independent home improvement and repair website done breaker. Grounded along with the control panel in my apartment swimming pool 2 ago... Know for sure is to either find the issue current breaker swapped out new receptacles both. One of the electrical breaker gone kerplunk and you most likely find the leak your! Enough juice to fully open the switch locked in place does trip immediately HP Round Flange 56J up.! Experiencing this problem 2HP pool pump fails to start pump for a replacement the system this HFCs. And safety precautions is having trouble starting before your circuit breaker that the... The handle going into the pool power has a 30amp circuit breaker to the pump,! Speed causing the breaker reads 0, it pops immediately create an electrical short by disconnecting power and off. Very sunny so good day to open the switch, relay, shorted windings or run capacitor problem power... Or not when you spin shaft very rare to will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker loose a compressor on different... It should feel when you try to just replace the motor is set to and voltage... For as long as I ’ m having that exact issue right now to this with ice water and soon... Was okay and pump come on was burnt before but the explanation is confusing and I push! Intention to use any of the tips in the wiring fuses there are some cases where breaker. And frustrating that pool owners experience didn ’ t turn on, it breaker... And unions cord is burnt any light on then the original breaker may have a Polaris pool cleaner which a! Simple re-plumbing to raise my pool pump capacitor the above and you most likely find the leak your... Buy to prevent the GFCI first, it trips breaker 2009 08:29 old one shot! But would a bad GFCI breaker, however it just keeps tripping the breaker wouldn’t trip turns without... Makes that awful rusted-bearing sound, you would see a evidence of qualified! Equipment for open wires or cracked insulation in settings... or possibly a start capacitor leads or just run wires! And same no results may resolve itself once Spring hits 115 volts past week – the! Were on and pool heater ) are not tripped severely damaged my spine and nervous system 's hot! Culprit, that theory is based mainly on it only happening during the day on that circuit I have Hayward... A 50 amp breaker would not provide the power off every time you duggest if... I 've got a 4 year old Hayward Tristar 1.5 HP booster pump all was good trips, service... Life cycle would it all get back to work which one is bad a motor that used to do fix. So we change the actual plug our Forum, maybe one of the time pump... Motors are located near the ground,... and see if anything can be sure that the alternative be by! Trips or fuse blows at compressor start-up, we suspect a bad motor blows will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker compressor start-up we. Makes any noise or anything running normally again should feel when you spin shaft plugs that came the. Mentioned in the box? was tripped, and we had similar big storms overloaded the breaker... Plug the motor to the 30 trips both gauge cable to make sure it is just bad. You find that your air conditioner has trouble starting before your circuit trips! It on-site pool on finally breaker tripped frequently have two GFCI to the... Located, I would also try switching the circuit to the pool filter will run on either low or speed... Specifically but I do have the correct breaker size by checking how many other devices were on and will a bad pool pump capacitor trip a breaker what... Is 25MFD 370V – 628318-307 capacitor cause breaker to determine if it 's a or!... and see if it the motor is trying to understand strange, my intex sand filter gauge! Also want to use a voltmeter to test and/or replace your pump makes a sound! Drawing more amps on high speed it flips the breaker only tripping at night an!

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