Is B 2 - paramagnetic or diamagnetic? I believe C2 2+ is the only paramagnetic species. c. … What is the bond order of B 2-? 2s-2p mixing means combining the s and orbitals together with the same plane lying and associated with the same energy which leads to the energy change and the bond order respectively. paramagnetic are those elements which have one unpaired electrons while diamagnetic have paired electrons . B2+ is a Paramagnetic. paramagneticb. Neither. a. paramagnetic. 90% (261 ratings) Problem Details. Since it posses 2 unpaired electrons, it is Paramagnetic in nature. The other two are diamagnetic. If the sum of number of electrons in a species are odd number they paramagnetic, if even number diamagnetic (exception O2, B2 - like species having 16 electrons, and 10 electrons respectively . The half-filled orbitals are π (2p x x) and π (2p y y). The moleculer diagrams of both are shown here as: B2+ is a Paramagnetic. The half-filled orbitals are π(2pxx) and π(2pyy). b. diamagnetic. Hi student B 2 has 2 unpaired electron so it is predicted to be paramagnetic whereas C 2 has only paired electrons so it is predicted to be diamagnetic but not paramagnetic. FREE Expert Solution Show answer. The filled orbitals are σ (1s) 2 2, σ ∗ (1s) 2 2, σ (2s) 2 2, σ ∗ (2s) 2 2. Click here👆to get an answer to your question ️ The paramagnetic behaviour of B2 is due to the presence of: Click here👆to get an answer to your question ️ Among the following molecules/ions, C^2 - 2, N^2 - 2, O^2 - 2, O2 which one is diamagnetic and has the shortest bond length? electronic configuration of B2 molecule isB2: [KK (σ2s)2 (σ2s)2 (2px)1(2py)1]Since each 2px and 2py MO contains unpaired electron, therefore B2 molecule is paramagnetic. as there are unpaired electrons in 2px and 2py so it will be paramagnetic . paramagnetic . The M.O. feel free to ask any questions you need to write the molecular orbital configuration of B2 = [ sigma (1s) ]^2 [ sigma*(1s) ]^2 [ sigma(2s) ]^2 [ sigma*(2s) ]^2 [ π(2px) ]^1 [ π(2py) ]^1 . The filled orbitals are σ(1s)22, σ∗(1s)22, σ(2s)22, σ∗(2s)22. Problem: What is the bond order of B2-?Is B2- paramagnetic or diamagnetic?a. Classify these diatomic molecules as diamagnetic or paramagnetic: O2, B2, F2, C2, N2 Source(s): classify diatomic molecules diamagnetic paramagnetic: Since it posses 2 unpaired electrons, it is Paramagnetic … And From the MOT concept Be2 doesn’t exists as its Border is 0 and in case of para or dia it is diamagnetic. C2 2+ has the same number of electrons as B2, and since B2 is paramagnetic, so is C2 2+. diamagneticc. In B2 which have electronic configuration 2,3 and atomic number 5 has as you can see 1unpaired electron however on forming covalent bond with another Boron atom it has now shared its unpaired electron and thus has all paired electrons.

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