2400ATK is better, and everything else about this card is amazing! $9.99. If a paladin decided to abandon this path, all holy powers would leave him or her. Edit. This is badass. They’re usually a staple class found in many role-playing games, and they are also a popular main character for many fantasy stories. Dark Paladin Girl Reaper Miniatures Alandin, Elf Paladin 03863 Dark Heaven Legends Unpainted Metal. “Dark Magician Girl” + “Buster Blader” This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. Card Name (JP): 超魔導剣士-ブラック・パラディン Attribute: Dark Level: 8 Type: Spellcaster Card Type: Fusion Monster/Effect Monster ATK: 2900 DEF: 2400 Notes: This card is also known as "Dark Paladin the Ultimate Magical Swordsman". Dark Paladin x1 The Dark Magicians x2 Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight x1 Dark Armed, the Dragon of Annihilation x1 Number 11: Big Eye x1 Magi Magi Magician Gal x1 Ebon High Magician x1 I will say a lot has 2700, or 2500, but 2450 is better. Author; Recent Posts; YGOPRODeck Bot. A paladin is a combination of a warrior and a […] me gustó mucho esta versión, de mis favoritas!!! Dark Magician of True Chaos • Chaos Dark Magician (Comet Knight) • Charming Dark Magician Girl • Dark Magician • Dark Magician • Dark Magician's Apprentice • Dark Magician's Son • Dark Magician, Master of Chaos • Dark Magician, Master of the Twilight • Dark Magician, the Great Universal Spellcaster • Dark Magician/Assault Mode • Dark Magician - EXCEED Mode • Dark Exceed Magician • Dark Magician Apprentice • Dark Magician Baby • Dark Magician Backup • Dark Magician Charger • Dark Magician Dragon • Dark Magician Girl • Dark Magician Girl/Assault Mode • Dark Magician Girl - EXCEED Mode • Dark Magician Girl - Envoy of the Moon • Dark Magician Girl 2 • Dark Magician Girl Knight • Dark Magician Girl Synchro • Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight • Dark Magician Girl X • Dark Magician Girl of Chaos (Raiburuto • TEM 23) • Dark Magician Girl of Ra • Dark Magician Girl — Avatar of Ra • Dark Magician Girl — Avatar of Slifer • Dark Magician Kid • Dark Magician Knight • Dark Magician Lady • Dark Magician Master of Magic • Dark Magician Of Destiny • Dark Magician Prodigy • Dark Magician Queen • Dark Magician Ronin • Dark Magician Soldier • Dark Magician Synchro • Dark Magician the Dragon Knight • Dark Magician Trainee • Dark Magician Trooper • Dark Magician Twins • Dark Magician of Chaos MAX • Dark Magician of Destruction • Dark Magician of Endymion • Dark Magician Girl of Endymion • Dark Magician of Faith • Dark Magician of Fire • Dark Magician of Illusions • Dark Magician of Lightning • Dark Magician of Necromancy • Dark Magician of Sky Scourge • Dark Magician of Souls • Dark Magician of Twilight • Dark Magician of the Next Life • Dark Magician the Ultimate Lord • Dark Magicianroid • Elite Dark Magician • Infinite Dark Magician • Kid Dark Magician • Lovely Dark Magician Girl • Malefic Dark Magician Girl • Neo Dark Magician • Red-Eyes Dark Magician • Red-Eyes Dark Magician Girl • The Dark Magician • The Dark Magicians • Toon Dark Magician • Toon Dark Magician Girl • Ultimate Dark Magician Girl • Vol. Dark Magician, the Great Universal Spellcaster, https://ycm.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Paladin_Girl?oldid=290008, Dark Magician Girl, Super Magical Swordsman - Black Paladin Girl. Is Dark Paladin Girl a real card?!?!? Eres un genio men. We interview Yugioh cosplayers at ConnectiCon 2013. ャン・ガール Majishan Gāru) is an archetype of female Spellcaster monsters, including the "Dark Magician Girl" sub-archetype. Dark Paladin Girl let out a battle cry as she raised her blade/staff which started to gather energy. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Eeste es el efecto: XD... Gracias por tu comentario, vi tu idea para una carta "Dragon,spellcaster" lo veo bien interesante... voy a ver si lo hago. Machine under the control of YGOPRODeck. This article is a list of Knights of the Silver Hand paladins. Gains 300 ATK for each Spellcaster monster on the field and in the GY. Reshef of Destruction: 2003-03-20: Dark Paladin (DBT) Yu-Gi-Oh! 45 sold. Appearances Links yugioh.com Add an image to this gallery … Negating spell card is 2nd best negating mechanic in the game after monster. De todas formas tengo ideas para cartas y se me ocurren los diseños. Dark Paladin Girl Ultra Rare Custom Orica. $10.08 $ 10. Dark Paladin Girl. "I wont be defeated in my own tournament, Daisuke Motomiya!" 5 Facts About Dark Paladin You Probably Didn't Know! Deck Revisions. 08 $12.56 $12.56. Free shipping *** QUINTET MAGICIAN *** ULTRA RARE DUPO-EN040 MINT/NM YUGIOH! Eternal Soul and Dark Magical Circle are the main core of the deck. "[https://yugipedia.com/wiki/Buster_Blader Buster Blader. 4.2 out of 5 stars 10. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, you can discard 1 card from your hand to negate the activation of a Spell Card and destroy it. A simple dark magician deck. "It's too late, Kaiba. 9 Dark Magician Girl. The following list of female paladin names can get you started on your next brainstorming session. 5 out of 5 stars. Needless to say, this was a decision best avoided. A Knight of the Silver Hand is a fancy title for paladin, but also refers to the organization.1(APG 134) The group has recently been folded into the Argent Crusade.

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