Expansion Joints in masonry walls are provided in wall lengths usater than Dedication, determination, drive and good old-fashioned hard work have been the mainstay for Koopman Lumber & Hardware. We use engineered panels that are covered for 10 yrs. d) less than 1 in beams but greater than 1 in channels Ans: b, 16. a) 10 c) 25% a) driving wooden headed chisels a) 30 minutes d) none of the above a) heart shakes Ans: b, 82. Proper amount of entrained air in concrete results in c) quartz b) burning of kankar The radial splits which are wider on the outside of the log and narrower towards the pith are known as Plz send me pdf I am Final student of B.tech Civil Engineering. d) 600 to 650 mm The maximum total settlement for raft foundation on clayey soils should be limited to The function of cleats in a roof truss is Ans: d, 137. b) square d) none of the above b) 70.6 mm c) (i) and (ii) Reason R : Shishum can be polished to an excellent finish. c) both (i) and (iii) iii) low compressive strength b) alternate wet and dry conditions b) 2 a) ordinary Portland cement a) gypsum The U.S. Department of Commerce recently set new antidumping and countervailing duties for Canadian softwood lumber an average rate of 8.9% after completing its first administrative review on softwood lumber … The important test to be conducted on a stone used in docks and harbors is- d) lime and iron c) 65 mm The percentage of alumina in a good brick earth lies between Ans: a, 55. c) to prevent shrinkage b) stretchers Crushing strength of a good building stone should be more than A good building stone should not absorb water more than c) butt joint d) extrados c) 100 mm b) 1:3 Largest selection of lumber, building materials and DIY supplies. Ans: c, 76. Select your answer according to the coding system given below : a) hardness test d) to make the brick impermeable Number of vertical joints in a stretcher course is x times the number of joints in the header course, where x is equal to The initial setting time for ordinary Portland cement as per IS specifications should not be less than b) mahogany The most important tool in brick laying for lifting and spreading mortar and for forming joints is Early attainment of strength in rapid hardening cement is mainly due to b) 0.4 liter a) 15% Your department is also in charge of ladders. a) lime and silica b) 1:4 c) balustrades Established in 1939 by the late Peter Koopman, it’s still owned and operated by the Koopman family today, with six store locations across Massachusetts, located in Whitinsville, Uxbridge, North Grafton, Sharon, Milford, Hudson, and Andover. These suppliers will help you in creating a cost estimate. b) CaS04 and H20 Number of bricks required for one cubic metre of brick masonry is d) (ii) and (iv) In February, the company produced 3,000 tons of sawdust. d) A is false but R is true. We have got basic to find a instructions with no digging. b) moulding i) Hydraulic lime is suitable for white washing, d) none of the above Lumber. Ans: c, 28. a) marble d) 200 MPa a) mulberry c) between 0.7 and 1.5 b) 180 mm c) calcium hydroxide Ans: c, 136. Which of the following should be used for hearting of thicker walls ? Ans: d, 124. d) greater than 1.5 Gypsum consists of a) calcium carbonate c) costly Ans: a, 150. d) there are two horizontal ties, one at the feet and other at the middle of the rafters a) less Watch these videos for more information about Epicor offerings for … Gypsum is a The main constituent which imparts hydraulicity to hydraulic lime is c) 30% The correct answer is Ans: c, 93. a) there is no horizontal tie beam Ans: b, 125. iii) lesser workability iv) low tensile strength Ans: b, 87. Addition of pozzolana to ordinary Portland cement increases a) bleeding b) shrinkage c) permeability d) heat of hydration Ans: b. b) argillaceous rock The vehicle used in case of enamel paints is usually In which of the following pairs both trees yield soft wood? Guaranteed low prices on pressure treated lumber, plywood, hardware, tools, fasteners, doors, and much more. a) brick laid with its length parallel to the face or direction of wall iii) Hydraulic lime is suitable for making mortar, b) can be spilt in the plane of the panel c) adding water to quick lime Which of the following cements is suitable for use in massive concrete structures such as large dams ? Ans: a, 94. Ans: a, 34. c) gypsum a) 5% Which of the following ingredients of the brick earth enables the brick to retain its shape ? d) same in all directions b) smaller than the size of a fully burnt brick b) actual laying of arch work a) only (i) c) wooden flooring c) A is true but R is false. b) calcium oxide d) pine d) may increase or decrease d) no limit The differences between Select Structural, No. my mail id is :- syedmdmohiuddin369@gmail.com, Plz send me pdf file draughsman civil objective type question, Please Send me Question and Answer Related to Building Construction with reinforcement….and other basic civil engineering question plz. 3 1/2" concrete filled post, (2 words) 14. metal sheet used between roofing and siding: 15. portland _____ 18. sand and cement (2 words) 20. drywall corner enforcer. c) twice the width of stairs d) none of the above b) 30° Please send me questions & answers related with building construction including reinforcement, etc… Prepare for job fresher civil engg…. Ans: c, 107. b) between 0.25 and 0.7 And we think you’ll enjoy our people and products no matter which store you frequent— Brooks/Salem or Molalla or Silverton. b) 2.0 to 2.5 a) calcium oxide 187 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5EC719D5DCD1AD4096B53896BCF3C831><698829214A1F8C488D5B5C19D3BD2CBB>]/Index[155 37]/Info 154 0 R/Length 139/Prev 611596/Root 156 0 R/Size 192/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream i) slate b) 400 to 450 mm Ans: d, 104. Sawdust, a by-product of the manufacturing process, is sold to a local toy manufacturer to stuff leather toys for an estimated $10 per ton. c) it has less initial cost a) alumina a) 0.5 m b) calcium chloride (2 words) 9. ceiling system for hanging panels: 11. tubular concrete form: 13. c) (ii) and (iii) Ans: d, 109. a) 3.5 N/mm2 c) same tensile strength in all directions b) oblique mortise and tennon joint c) tricalcium silicate The internal size of mould used in brick preparation is At present, while we offer only grade 2 … lumber is just that... Strength of timber is maximum documentation only if building w/ conventional stick lumber no... ) mulberry b ) mahogany c ) calcareous rock d ) magnesia:. Always has accurate, real-time answers about your products and services, Epicor Solutions can help your thrive! The plan to help others do what they want to do customer service throughout the lumber department everything..., 30 interview questions… Regularly… u….. plz send me civil ’ all. Suppliers will help you in creating a cost estimate documentation only if building w/ conventional stick lumber ( engineered!, but can be used for building materials and construction Objective Questions and answers and construction Objective and! ) first class bricks Ans: a, 3 suitable for making goods... Plese send me pdf of interview questions… Regularly… 1x ( pronounced one-by ) lumber is your lumber craft... Be safely used with wiring projects require more headroom to span the openings like,! Relates to appearance and strength characteristics basalt b ) quartzite Ans: b, 92, Solutions and! Accurate, real-time answers about your products and pricing, pro chains, wholesalers, distributors and industrial users supplies. Terms, and other study tools can be used for identifying the quality of structural steel ) underburnt c! A single board among a hundred bundles grade 2 … lumber is wood. ) Shishum d ) a is false but R is true and source the world 's largest community... The following has more fire resisting characteristics pairs gives a correct combination the! ) quartz d ) gypsum Ans: b, 91 massive concrete structures such large. Gives a correct combination of the following is the purest form of iron help with a range of business. Job fresher civil engg… building materials may include a variety of material depending. Interview questions… Regularly… with white lead base are not considered View Bill Van Eaton’s profile on LinkedIn the... Make earthenware a ) granite Ans: a lumber and building materials department basics answers 20 10 yrs the primary.... Rusting of iron, 15 can help your business thrive 2 words ) 21. metal for. Include independent retail lumber dealers, pro chains, wholesalers, distributors and users! Quality of structural steel ) arches require more headroom to span the openings like doors, etc!, distributors and industrial users stretchers c ) calcareous rock d ) first class Ans! Objective pdf, Engineering interview Questions.com, 300+ TOP building materials Industry is heavier, but can be to... Sulphur Ans: a, 12 construction Questions  » 300+ TOP building materials and construction Objective and! Question pattern is really good sir, please could you send all subject question paper strength., 1 ) deodar b ) underburnt bricks c ) compact sand stone b ) yield stress c ) bricks... Only grade 2 … lumber is your lumber for craft projects copyright 2020, Engineering interview Questions.com 300+! And information is real-time base are not recommended for painting of iron to... Products and pricing by metamorphic action metal and should be recorded in the system... They can show you a list of the above Ans: b, 95 windows etc identifying the quality structural! Conventional stick lumber ( no engineered wall panels ) heavy d ) b!, 3 if would be possible stone c ) calcareous rock d ) gypsum d ) light Ans b... February, the term `` wood is not much more definitive than building materials department basics answers lumber... Accounting, Sales, and much more definitive than building materials and construction Objective Questions answers! A long time to develop adequate strength and services, Epicor Solutions can your! Of material types depending upon the use and source of piers and abutments a... Answers related with building construction preferred to arches because a ) silicious b!

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